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Our Investment Philosophy

Kiplinger Wealth Advisors applies a team approach, collective knowledge and experience is used to design portfolios that pursue the balance of our clients’ goals for investments returns, but also their need for safety.

All clients have unique time horizons and unique risk tolerances. Understanding the goals and objectives for our clients’ assets and developing a strategy that meets their needs is our focus of policy. This strategy is defined by the asset allocation and outlined through an investment policy statement…your investment road map. The statement outlines, among other things,

  • Your investment goals
  • The minimum level of return you need to make to achieve these goals
  • What types of investments you will and won’t include
  • What portion of the total portfolio each investment will comprise
  • How long the assets will be in the portfolio
  • The anticipated inflation rate and tax-bracket assumptions
  • What portion of the investments need to remain liquid
  • Potential tax consequences

Advanced technology is implemented to monitor our client’s portfolio, providing back-office trading and research efficiency, as well as, user friendly performance and position reporting on an ongoing basis.

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